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At AVANTI, all materials and products are well researched and rigorously tested and certified to internationally pet-friendly standards.


At AVANTI, we do not just believe in creating good looking products but make sure our toys are healthy for your pet and the environment. The hemp-cotton range of toys is 100% bio-degradable and the perfect choice for eco-friendly pet parents. The range includes Eco-bugs collection that is inspired by the spring garden. The bugs in this collection celebrate a burst of enticing colours and playful forms.

The toys are a medium for your pet to connect with nature. The contrasting textures of hemp and cotton keeps your pet stimulated for longer. Eco-friendly squeaker and crinkle are added for extra fun. The filling is recycled white polyfil.


Organic Cotton

Our prime focus at AVANTI is to bring natural materials to the forefront. One such great locally sourced material is Organic Cotton. It offers a smooth hand feel, is hypoallergenic, 100% natural, 100% bio-degradable and uses azo-free dyes. The use of organic cotton ensures an enhanced ecology by improving soil quality and increasing insects which are pertinent for the eco system. GOTS certified, it is the perfect choice for eco-conscious pet parents. The filling is recycled white polyfil.

‘Organic Farm’ collection, made from organic cotton sherpa is a premium range of barn animals translated into plush toys. This super soft and huggable collection features a family of three, the mother, father and the kid available in large, medium and small respectively. They are cuddly and make great companions for your pet.


Upcycled Wool Felt

Made from 60% wool and 40% mixed fibers, upcycled wool felt is an eco-friendly material. The wool is generated from discarded sweaters/woolens which are then washed and treated before being shredded and eventually turned into yarn which is then used to create new fabric. Upcycled wool felt is one of the most popular choice of material for toys because of its premium look and sustainable nature. The toys use azo-free dyes and arefilled with recycled white polyfil.

Our chicly curated collection of ‘Woodland Creatures will delight your pets. It features animals of the wild that are tailored in autumnal hues. They bring bedtime stories to life.

The ‘Ugly toys’ on the other hand are a pack of fun coloured monster toys. They feature amusing and exaggerated expressions that are sure to add fun to the pet play with interactive ears and tails.


Mixed Materials

To add extra fun to the range of toys, AVANTI also explores ranges that combine two or more materials. The toys in this range provide various textures using interesting stories to keep the pets and their parents engaged for longer.

The ‘Roadkill’ collection is a series of flatties made from upcycled wool felt and faux fur details with crinkle and squeaker added as fill to keep your dog entertained. These toys help your dog to satisfy its hunting instincts. The interactive treat mats in this series are created keeping in mind the level of difficulty. The soft upcycled wool felt fabrics are cozy enough for your pet to hop and treat on.

The ‘Find Your Match’ collection represents male and female dog looking for their partner. This fun collection celebrates different dog personalities with posable arms and legs and finely tailored clothing. The elaborately embroidered details give form to various personality types that might appeal to pet parents based on the characteristics of their lovable pet. It uses a mix of fabric with recycled polyfil as a filling.


Tough Toys

Quintessential for your tougher dog this durable range of toys are not easy to destroy and utilize double layer of fabric stitched together. The extra toughness is acquired by the usage of tape to conceal the seams of each toy.

The colorful series of toys comprises of animals from the forest, sea and some mythical creatures. It is made from velvet, these plush toys add bounty of colours to your pet playing space.

’Into the wild’, another collection in this range include toys inspired by wild and camp sites that help you indulge with and in the lap of nature. The toys are a translation of flora, fauna and the gadgets seen around while camping. Made from recycled cotton these toys follow a natural and muted colour palette. Recycled cotton is made from certified yarns and is 100% bio-degradable.


Rope Toys

Considered as best chew toys for dogs, our rope collection library includes toys made from 100% Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Jute-Cotton, Jute and RPET. The yarns are locally sourced and are 100% bio-degradable. These toys are braided meticulously and are available in various forms and sizes.


Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys are a series of eco-friendly toys made from Natural Rubber and Upcycled Wool felt lined with natural rubber underneath for durability and incredible rebound. These toys not only offer pets to channel their excess energy but also provide mental and physical stimulation and enrichment. These easy-to-grab toys are perfect for outdoor play and are available in stuffed and inflatable variants.

The rubber chew toys incorporate textures that can hold edible pastes or stocked with kibbles to engage and stimulate our beloved pets.


Cat Toys

Cat toy materials range from upcycled wool felt, organic cotton and 100% cotton with cat nip and trims like tassels and feathers to add fun elements. All materials use azo-free dyes and are hypoallergenic.

The toys consist of a series of colorful birds, mice and fishes. These small sized toys are meticulously handcrafted with embroidery details.


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