We understand. We love. We care.


At AVANTI, the genuine act of caring ― considering the positive and negative impact of each step of the process as part an attempt to listen and to understanding ― is at the core of the brand’s DNA. Therefore, we perceive taking responsibility for caring not only as a slogan or metaphor but as a powerful business advantage.

Our desire to strive for better, healthier, happier and more efficient processes allows us to pay our respects to the environment, the people we work with, and the animals we so love, making our products a result of love and innovation.


is the moment of reflection before action, a deep breath, a thought, a feeling of compassion.


We take action

Our in-house product range RESPLOOT® is our ongoing effort to reuse ― and thus reduce ― PET bottles that otherwise pile up in landfills and oceans. In addition, we donate a percentage of each RESPLOOT® product sale to WWF India.

Avanti Mission 2020

  • Reduce single-use plastic from all forms of packaging.
  • Power 50% of our energy demands with solar power (and be completely off the grid by 2025).
  • Gradually move to exclusively manufacture products that are 100% sustainable.

AVANTI Achievements


50% of workforce

are women from neighbouring villages

30% of electricity

consumption is generated through the solar panels

70% of water used

in operations is collected by rainwater harvesting

8.2 million

plastic bottles have been recycled through AVANTI

100% of the crops

produced in the AVANTI farmlands are sold to the employees at cost

25% of the packaging material

used by AVANTI is based on recycled paper

80% of the filling material

used in our bedding and toys is recycled polyfill

100% of the workforce

is provided health insurance cover by AVANTI

We care about

Our Environment

AVANTI Mission 2022


Reduce single use plastic from all forms of packaging


Power 50% of our energy demands with solar power (and be completely off the grid by 2025)


Gradually move to exclusively manufacture products which are 100% sustainable

Reduced Plastic Usage & Alternative Packaging Solutions

We really don’t like plastic! Therefore, we at AVANTI decided to replace all forms of single use plastic with recycled paper and jute strings, and implement this approach across packaging and marketing materials. In addition, we focus on lean manufacturing processes for the minimization of waste.


Sustainable & Local Sourcing

We at AVANTI source most of our raw material from sources that are in close proximity to our production facilities to keep the organization’s social and environmental footprint as small as possible. This process also allows us to upcycle and recycle most of the material we use, including any waste that is generated during production processes, such as silicon or rubber.

Renewable Energy & Resource Management

Spread over 1,20,000 square feet, AVANTI’s production facilities are currently powered with 136 rooftop solar modules. Additionally, our facility offers air handling units to ensure the flow of clean air, and houses two underground water pits that store rain water, and help us to conserve and re-use this precious resource. We also take special care in managing a zero-discharge-policy of trade effluent and air pollutants and are certified by the State Pollution Control Board.

Read more about Certifications & Compliance

We care about

Our Team Members


Equality & Fairness

AVANTI believes in inclusive growth, and therefore strives to provide fair and equal job opportunities for all our team members. As a result, we designed our organization’s processes to ensure the equal treatment of all employees with no deviation in compensation, benefits, hiring procedures, or job assignments with regard to age caste, disability, or gender. At AVANTI, we guarantee a zero child or forced labour policy.

Read Pinky’s Profiles here Read Raj Rani’s Profiles here
  • Name Pinky Devi
  • Age 32
  • From Diwana Vilage
  • AVANTI Division Toy Division
  • With AVANTI since 4 Years

Pinky is a proud woman with a great eye for detail. The moment she married her husband, and moved to her extended family in Diwana, she immediately started looking for work in order to be an earning member of the family. A neighbor who already worked with AVANTI told her about an opening at the factory’s bedding division, and within days, Pinky joined the team.

AVANTI feels like home. It is safe for me to come and work here, and I earn good money so I can send my two daughters to school. Also, I really enjoy being treated equally to men!

She began with ‘clipping’, the part of the quality checking process in which loose threads and extra fabric gets trimmed during the finishing process of a toy or bedding. In addition, she underwent training for placing Universal Product Code (UPC) stickers on the packaging, and transferred to AVANTI’s toy division. Over the last four years, her skills evolved so much that she now trains other women in her department – with empathy, humor and a tad girl’s boss attitude.

  • Name Raj Rani
  • Age 42
  • From Diwana Village
  • AVANTI Division Steel Bowls, Operates the Pad Printing Machine
  • With AVANTI since 11 years

Raj Rani is a survivor. Originally from a village near Sonipat, she got married in the Diwana village at an early age. After she bore three kids, her husband left her. Forced by sheer hardship, Raj Rani returned to her parent’s place, and with their support, managed to get her two daughters married. Shortly after, she decided to return to Diwana with her son.

Getting a job at AVANTI literally changed my life and the destiny of my children. 11 years ago, I came begging for a job with my little son in my arms, and now, I am not only training other women, I could also save enough money to get him married.

Struggling to make ends meet, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and showed up at the AVANTI factory gate, requesting for a job. Her warm nature and dedicated personality made Raj Rani start only a few days later with the packaging department, where she continued for one year. She then shifted to the printing department, where she learned to operate the printing machine, from setting the plate, calibrating the design, to maintaining the heavy apparatus. It only took her one year to refine her skillset so much so she began training other employees as well. Currently, Raj Rani is expecting her first grandchild.

Employee Benefits

We understand that, as an organization, we are only as strong as the weakest member of our team. Therefore, AVANTI ensures over-and-above support for our teams in the following areas:

  • Provision of clean water and sanitation facilities for all employees

  • Payment of social benefits to all employees as per law

  • Provision of transportation facilities for employees living far away from the factory

  • Partnering with medical experts to organise regular health and awareness camps

  • Provision of health insurance to a 100% of our employees


Local Farming

AVANTI regularly plants trees and cultivates seasonal, local crops as the organisation operates farmlands near its production facilities. All harvested yields are distributed amongst our factory employees.


We care about

Our vendors & partners


Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We at AVANTI strongly believe that only through a strong network of like-minded partners, vendors, and responsible stakeholders ― suppliers, retailers, logistic companies, and government bodies ― we can achieve lasting and positive changes across our supply chain, and thus collectively work towards our business development, product design and sustainability goals. We guarantee AVANTI’s compliance to international and quantifiable standards, such as Global Recycling Standards (GRS), Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), and REACH.

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Share Best Practices & Learnings

Since its inception in 1993, AVANTI has successfully navigated many challenges on the road towards business development and sustainability. Sharing our experiences in all areas of the business ― from manufacturing to marketing ― is part of our responsibility as pro-active agents of change. As a result, AVANTI has decided to structure and systemize its knowledge, and will soon share it in a strategic manner with like-minded firms to leapfrog their journey towards operating holistic and sustainable business practices.


We care about

Our customers


Increased Product Lifespan

Through our work, we aim to inspire trust, responsibility and fairness every step of the way. Therefore, we conceptualize and design our products to constantly increase their life cycle ― for happier clients and happier dogs!

All of our AVANTI products are produced in-house and tested rigorously to ensure their overall quality and longevity before they leave our warehouse, starting from the choice of raw material to the label on the end product.