Made in India. Ready for the world.


AVANTI produces all its products from start to finish in its vertically integrated, semi-automated manufacturing hub spread over 120,000 square feet. The state-of-the-art facility is located in over 2 acres of land in Panipat, circa 90 kilometers north of India’s capital New Delhi.

The site gives AVANTI a unique locational advantage as Panipat is the country’s steel and textile hub, and therefore enables our team to not only source directly but also to apply a multi-material approach to all our products.

After each confirmed order, we ensure international quality standards and adequate testing processes for our products. All shipments leave from the port in Mumbai, after following the relevant

Compliances and Certifications

AVANTI produces pet products in three categories:


Toys Division

Bedding Division

The in-house manufacturing of bowls, bedding, and toys allows our clients to consolidate shipments with products from all three categories, making international orders cost-effective and environmentally sensitive.


Customised Design Services

We are not shy to walk the extra mile! In order to help our clients with fresh and new product design solutions, AVANTI offers a full range of creative services to our customers. Our internal design infrastructure is capable of delivering ideas and visual solutions within fast turn-around times and understands international styles, aesthetic and pet trends.

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