Our motto We Care is a common thread weaving through everything that we do at Avanti.

We Care

For Pets

With constant R&D, strict quality control measures, and high quality raw materials, we
aim to develop better products to feed, shelter, and entertain pets.

Taking into account the finer details, we create products that are completely safe for pets.

  • Even our stainless steel products are lead free and packed in shrink wrap to avoid contamination.

  • The wooden products especially produced for pets are made from seasoned and treated wood.

  • Aquarium decoration products are 100% natural and contain no chemicals or toxic agents.

  • Our products do not have sharp/pointed edges.

  • The rope products are coloured with non-toxic dyes and colours.

We Care

For Our Buyers

We have created state-of-the-art manufacturing, consolidation and shipping to maintain quality checks and ensure price competitiveness.

We are constantly working to improve our products so that we offer nothing but the best to our buyers.

By working to keep up with the latest developments in this sector, we have created excellent relations with the top most companies of the pet Industry worldwide.

In house development program ensures we have new products to offer every 6 months.

We Care

For Our Employees

At Avanti we believe it is our people who have helped us become leaders in the industry. That is why, we have implemented some of the best HR practices and provide the finest work culture and environment. We are also constantly working to improve these practices to ensure we provide the best and most productive working environment for our employees.

As part of our social commitment, no child labour is employed.

We Care

For Our Environment

We are proud to be the first to employ rainwater harvesting as part of water conservation goal.

In addition, for maintaining ecological balance, we follow a policy of planting approximately twenty trees per employee around our factory area.

We Care

For Our Vendors

Vendors are important to our organization. We are constantly motivating them to ensure consistent quality and improvement in their supplies. With our timely payments, our vendors are completely satisfied and continue to meet our expectations.


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