At Avanti, we understand the importance of quality control and cost management, hence we have established a strong infrastructure that helps us meet our goals in the most efficient way.

We have a Brand New Manufacturing facility with 80,000 Sq Ft built up area on over 2 acres of land, just outside the city limits of New Delhi.

A fully computerized inward goods, production scheduling, order management, packaging and shipping facility with capability to palletize goods

The facility has been constructed in accordance to all local laws and has a full power back up to ensure completely independent functioning.

A state of the art consolidation and shipping infrastructure to ensure timely deliveries and efficient inventory management

All safety norms have also been kept into consideration with a complete automated fire fighting system installed

Having over 20 years of International Trade experience, a dedicated shipping department, we are in a position to offer optimized packaging, logistics management and freight forwarding services.

Our concrete infrastructure combined with following the best HR policies and principles in the industry, we have created a large family of over 350 members committed to ensuring timely deliveries and quality.


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